Big-hearted theatre that delights in bringing people together.

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Photograph of noticeboard covered in post it notes saying cancel Tuesdays, empty cigar bin, speak as you find and gaffer the split whoopee cushions
Photographer: Reed Ingram Weir


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Artistic Director: Annie Rigby

Associate Artist: Alex Elliott

Company Producer: Morag Iles

Producer (Touring): Dick Bonham

Address: Unfolding Theatre
Arch 6
Stepney Bank
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Friends of Unfolding Theatre

Unfolding Theatre works with fantastic artists and technicians. Here are a few of them.

Beccy Owen is a singer, songwriter and leader of education and community music projects.

Ingram AV is an audio and lighting company run by Reed Ingram Weir. Reed also takes lots of our photographs.

Meerkat Films is run by Magnus Dennison and Katja Roberts. They filmed and edited our trailers.

Wayne Gamble is a graphic designer. Wayne designs all of our print.

xsite architecture is led by architect, Tim Bailey. They run Foundry Lane Studios, where we live.