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Photo of young girl looking up at hundreds of suspended yellow paper canaries
Photographer: Richard Kenworthy

Frost of Forgetfulness

"We honestly had THE best afternoon."
North East Family Fun

The Frost of Forgetfulness is creeping across Woodhorn Museum. Pit canaries sense the danger. They need your help to stop the museum's memories being lost forever.

In Winter 2016, Unfolding Theatre worked with bait and Woodhorn Museum to create a magical quest for families. Over 3,000 people set out on a frosty mission to help save the museum's memories.

The mission was created in partnership with community groups across South East Northumberland. Leading Link, Northern Recovery Partnership, Seaton Sluice Brownies, 5th Ashington Brownies, 1st Seaton Hirst Brownies, Woodhorn's Customer Hosts and over 600 local people helped bring the Frost of Forgetfulness to life.

Co-directors: Ruth Johnson and Annie Rigby
Visual Artist: Bethan Maddocks
Production Manager: Jill Bennison
Performers: Danielle Burn, Matthew Gundel, Ben Hill, Jenny, Kat Pierce, Verity Quinn, Karen Traynor
Sound design: Nick John Williams
Textile Artist: Kate Eccles
Community Project Co-ordinator: Morag Iles
Sound and lighting: Ingram AV
Set construction: CS Sets


Check out these production shots, taken by Richard Kenworthy.

Photograph of empty birdcages in blue light Photograph of small child carrying a handmade paper birdcage Photograph of a Customer Host showing a map for the missions Photograph of elderly couple standing below suspended paper canaries Photograph of teenagers lying on the floor and laughing below suspended paper canaries
Photograph of small boy drawing a canary for his paper birdcage Photograph of woman reading a tag on a memory jar, which is a glass jar filled with small items Photograph of a male canary keeper welcoming a small girl and her mum into his room Photograph of a female canary keeper smiling at a visitor Photograph of hundreds of suspended yellow paper canaries
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