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Photograph of performers dancing in front of drummer Tom Bancroft on drums
Photographer: Ted Mendez

Lands of Glass

Winner: Title Pending new theatre award

Ever heard a glass orchestra? An incredible band invites you to run away to the unforgettable town of Quinnipak.

There you’ll meet the glassmaker, dreaming of a crystal palace, the musician searching for notes only he can hear, and the orphan trying not to grow into the coat that’s his destiny.

This theatrical adaptation brings best-selling Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco’s wonderful, hilarious world of imagination to UK audiences for the first time, featuring live music played on specially created glass instruments: marimbas, chimes, bells, even a Sauvignon-blancophone.

Developed at Battersea Arts Centre

Directed by Annie Rigby, this is the first ever adaptation of leading Italian author, Alessandro Baricco’s award-winning novel.

Touring from July 2014. Details coming very soon.

Musicians: Tom Bancroft, Brendan Murphy, Beccy Owen
Actors: Hannah Boyde, Tom Walton
Based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco
Director: Annie Rigby
Designer: Andrew Stephenson


Photograph of glass bells with percussion sticks lying below Photograph of performers dancing in front of Tom Bancroft on drums Photograph of Beccy Owen singing at the keyboard with performers on glass percussion behind Photograph of performer Tom Walton with a syringe of water being emptied over his head
Photograph of director Annie Rigby looking into the speaker end of a megaphone Photograph of percussionist Brendan Murphy's hands playing the Sauvignon-blanc-ophone, an instrument of wine-glasses Photograph of performer Tom Walton creeping forward and speaking into a microphone Photograph of director Annie Rigby holding out a copy of the novel, Lands of Glass


Check out photographs of our work-in-progress performance at Battersea Arts Centre, taken by Ted Mendez.

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