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Photograph of shelves with bundles of clothes on them and a sign above that says PAST Photograph of TV screens and boxes on shelves and a sign above that says PRESENT Photograph of boxes with fragile tape stuck on them with a sign above that says FUTURE Photograph of a box with fragile tape stuck on and handwritten text that says I want to become a domestic violence worker
Flyer image for Let Me Tell You showing a woman's hand with 3 star tattoos Photograph of the shop with a sign in the window that says We are open Photograph of the shop door with 3 people walking in Photograph of a bundle of clothes with a tag on that says Me and me next door neighbour, we were both big girls so we started taking amphetamines, we weighed ourselves every Monday without fail at ASDA until I was 7 stone

Click here for production shots of Let Me Tell You Gateshead

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