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Photograph of outside of shop with We Are Open sign in the window and the trace of a bus going past Photograph of rollcages with piles of clothes sitting on them and a sign that reads PAST Photograph of label on a pile of clothes that reads, Age 26 - what a laugh. Thought I was reinventing myself but I couldn't shake off the past. Photograph of a woman looking at television screens showing a tattooed arm
Photograph of people in a narrow corridor made of boxes and television screens Photograph of a golden sign that reads FUTURE and boxes with fragile tape Photograph of a woman looking in a peep hole in a box with fragile tape on it Photograph of a box with fragile tape on with an image of a beach inside a peephole and a sign that reads, I want to be unchained from my chemist, to be free, to go to the beach and pick for willocks

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