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Photo of one of the monsters, Electric Maniac, crossing the Millennium Bridge followed by parade of children
Photographer: Richard Kenworthy

Juice Festival Parade

"A monster affair"
The Journal

First there were monsters, then there were dragons, and now there are dreams.

For the last 3 years, we have created spectacular Festival Finale Parades for Juice Festival. The family parades feature large-scale puppets, designed by children, live music and lots of surprises.

In 2011 we worked with West End Women and Girls Centre and Bill Quay Primary School to design monsters for a Monsters Parade. In 2012, Ryton Juniors and Wingrove Primary helped us create a Dragons Parade. This year, Thomas Bewick and Cedars Schools are working with us to dream up a Dreams Parade.

Each year around 800 people have joined the parade, dressed up in all kinds of fantastic costumes. Accompanied by young musicians from The Sage Gateshead, the crowd have banished monsters and dragons from Newcastle and Gateshead's Quayside and onto the River Escape's ferry to sail them off down the Tyne.

4pm, Sunday 3 November, 2013
Join us this year for a pyjama party where dreams come to life!

Directors: Annie Rigby and Ruth Johnson (2013)
Designer: Molly Barrett
Lighting Designer: Kev Tweedy (2011) and Andy Coates (2012)
Performers: Tim Bennett, Dylan Edge, Kieron Hall and Ned Valent (2011), Kate Eccles, Tony Scandrett and Karen Traynor(2012)
Volunteers: Jackie Anderson, John Bond, Laura Boyd, Danielle Burn, Ginny Collie, Ailsa Dalling, Adele Evitt, Ria Farncombe, Roisin Gore, Andre Gwilliam, Katherine Jamieson, Hollie Johnson, Kathy Paul, Tia Percy-Brown

Photograph of a girl dressed up as a witch colouring in a Monsters Out placard Photograph of musician Rob Kitchen playing drums Photograph of one of the monsters in the parade, One Eyed Betty, who has many eyes and red lips Photograph of one of the monsters on the parade, Terrordactyl, a multi-coloured bird Photograph of one of the monsters on the parade, Electric Maniac, with fiery hair and a silver body, being shouted at by children in the crowd
Photograph of children on the parade crossing the Millennium Bridge carrying Monsters Out placards Photograph of one of the monsters on the parade, Bonecruncher, who has bones for arms, grey square body and a golden moustache Photograph of all 4 monsters standing on the deck of the River Escapes ferry as night falls Photograph of the River Escapes ferry with the monsters onboard and the crowd standing on the Newcastle Quayside Photograph of 3 children dressed up in Halloween costumes with pumpkins sitting on the wall holding Monsters Out placards

Production shots

Check out some of our production shots, taken by Richard Kenworthy.

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