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Actress in a party hat bites her thumb
Photographer: Laura Cull

Strange Voyage

In December 2009 Unfolding Theatre produced a show exploring the tragic voyage of round-the-world yachtsman, Donald Crowhurst.

Inspired by entries in Crowhurst's real and faked logbooks, Strange Voyage revealed the devastating mental impact of long term isolation and deceit.

As Crowhurst's lies distanced him not only from his true position, but also from hope of salvation, the piece explored how and why we construct our own beliefs.

The production was created with students at Northumbria University.

Director: Annie Rigby
Performers: Danielle Burn, Liz Caswell, Katherine Corfield, Lucy Earnshaw, Stacey Eltringham, Kylie Ford, Paddy Giles, Gemma Hayward, Olivia Irving, Sophie Laver, Callum McGilp, Sarah Meath, Bryony Newnham, Lauren Nixon, Josie Riggs, Lucy Smeatham, Amber Storey, Rachel Walsh, Alex Watson, Kelly Watson, Lewis Watson, Tom Whalley

Photograph of an actress in a party hat biting her thumb Photograph of cast standing facing forwards Photograph of an actress in silhouette in front of projections Photograph of an empty stage with a projection of a young woman playing with paper boats in a paddling pool

Production shots

Check out some of our production shots, taken by Laura Cull.

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