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Little girl listening to an old fashioned grammarphone with an ear trumpet that she's made out of paper, and smiling
Photographer: Barry Pells


We are unbelievably delighted to announce that Unfolding Theatre has been awarded Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation funding. This supports us to make new theatre, tour and enable lots of people to take part in our creative processes from 2018 to 2022.

Thanks to all the children who came and battled The Silencer at Sage Gateshead this summer. We had a great time with this family quest, Let The Beat Go On.

If you want to find out more about us and our work to date, our 2016/17 Annual Report is here. You can also download our press release here.

We were proud to win 'Performance of the Year' at the Journal Culture Awards 2017. We played live to over 400 people at the awards ceremony at Hexham Abbey. It was fantastic to pile onto the stage, house band and all, to pick up the award.

This Spring, we held an event, In It Together, at Battersea Arts Centre. The event launched Maddy Costa's beautiful 'zine, exploring the experiences of our house band players. Read about their time with us, and what happened next, here: Stories from the House Band.

After an incredible 54 shows, we'd like to say thank you to the 3,291 people who came to see Putting the Band Back Together and the 419 brave musicians who joined our house bands on tour. It's been an absolute delight to perform the show for and with you!

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