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Photograph of Maria Crocker in a pink headdress singing in front of a house band of singers and ukelele players
Photographer: Richard Lakos


Next stop on the Putting the Band Back Together Autumn tour is Lincoln (11 Nov) and Farsley (12 Nov). Hope to catch you along the way. Or even have you play onstage with us in the house band.

Seen the show and still humming the songs? Buy our CD here.

We were knocked out by this beautiful article about the show by Duska Radosavljevic. Also, find out what happened when Guardian journalist, Alexis Petridis joined our house band at Edinburgh Festival.

We'd like to say an ENORMOUS thank you to all of our 98 Kickstarter supporters, who raised £2,990 to help us get to Edinburgh. You are wonderful. The list of our funders is here.

Fancy joining the House Band for a performance of Putting the Band Back Together? Find out more here.

Thanks to Creative Scene West Yorkshire for a great pub tour of Best in the World. You might not be surprised to read that pubs have beaten theatres in setting the highest audience average darts score yet. Congratulations to The Navigation Tavern in Mirfield!

Over the last 2 years, we have been part of very special collaboration, The Mums & Babies Ensemble. We ran events at GIFT Festival, Lyric Hammersmith, London Bubble and Camden People's Theatre. Mums talked about labour, love, time passing and new life beginning. Babies played, cried, slept and fed. Now our babies aren't babies any more, we are passing the ensemble on. Our instruction manual is now onsale here. New mums and babies ensembles are already finding their feet.

Fancy finding out more about what we've been up to? Our 2014/15 Annual Report is online. Read about our adventures here.

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